HT - Online UPS 3/3 Phase

HT6K HT10K HT15K HT20K HT30K HT40K HT50K HT60K HT80K HT100K HT120K HT160K HT200K
6K/4.8K 10K/8K 15K/12K 20K/16K 30K/24K 40K/32K 50K/40K 60K/48K 80K/64K 100K/80K 120K/96K 160K/128K 200K/160K
384V   432V            480V
48~54dB(Distance 1m) 53~60dB(Distance 1m)  54~62dB(Distance 1m) 54~65dB(Distance 1m)
550×720×1200     800x740x1400   1070 x740 x1400 1420x740x1805
180 200 230  255  310   320 460 475 530 770 855 1300 1350
Voltage Three phase with four Lines +ground wire,380V±20%
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz ± 5%(Automatically)
Efficiency ≥95%
Voltage Three phase four wires, 380V±1%
Frequency 50HZ/60HZ±0.05%(Battery)
Harmonic distortion Linear Load<3%, Non-linear Load<5%
Imbalance voltage Balance load≤1%,Imbalance load≤3%
Phase shift angle Balance load≤±1°, Imbalance load≤±2°
Transient response Output at 0~50%~100% ≤5%, response≤10ms
Overload capacity 110%≥300 Min,125%≥10 Min,150%≥1 Min
Crest Factor 3:01
Wave form Pure sine wave
Transfer time 0ms
Max. charging current 0.2A×C10
Charging time(Standard) 12 hours
Protective function Input Over-voltage, under-voltage; Output overload, short-circuit;
 Inverter over-temperature; Battery under-voltage, over-voltage
Running temperature& Humidity 0°C-40°C degree Celsius,less than 95%(without condensing)
Altitude <1000m(with increase of 100m, it will reduce output of 1% )max 4000m
Communication interface RS232
Remote signal Dry contact ( battery low, battery discharging, bypass/fault); EPO
Remote control EPO and Bypass
Degree of Protection IP20 (front door opened)
Parallel mode N+1,N+X can be in parallel with different power capacity
Software Interface Windows9X,2000,NT,Me,XP,Linux,Novell,Macosx,NT4.0
Meantime between failures 300,000 Hours
other Dustproof and damp-proof, isolating inverter transformer, Lightning Surge absorption, Static switches and manual maintenance switch