M33 - Online UPS 3/3 Phase

Model L10K3/3 L20K3/3 L30K3/3 L40K3/3 L60K3/3 L80K3/3 L100K3/3 L120K3/3 L160K3/3 L200K3/3 L300K3/3 L400K3/3
Nominal capacity(KVA) 10KVA 20KVA 30KVA 40KVA 60KVA 80KVA 100KVA 120KVA 160KVA 200KVA 300KVA 400KVA
Work principle Pure sine wave online
Phase 3 phase +N+G
Input power factor >0.8, >0.95
Rectifier Nominal input voltage 220/380VAC, 230/400VAC, 240/415VAC
Range ±25%
Nominal input frequency 50Hz±10%, 60Hz±10%
Output ripple <2%
Soft start 0~100% 5s
Charge Charge mode Constant current to constant voltage, with temp compensation; with auto change
Float voltage 432VDC
Boost voltage 464VDC
Temperature compensation voltage 3mV/'C(monomer)
Charge current 0.1C(automatically change according to battery capacity)
Charge power 20% of rated capacity
Battery Battery type Maintenance-free lead acid battery
Battery capacity 7~999AH settable(according to the capacity)
Battery number 32pcs 12V, or 192pcs 2V(nominal voltage 384VDC)
Inverter Phase 3 phase +N+G
Rated power Rated capacity×0.8
Nominal voltage 220/380VAC, 230/400VAC, 240/415VAC
Output voltage stability ±1%(stable load); ±3%(fluctuant load)
Output frequency stability 50Hz/60Hz<±0. 5%
Crest factor > 3:1
Output waveform distortion Pure sine wave, linear load<3%;non-linear load<5%
Dynamic characteristics Instant voltage<±5%(from 0 to100%), instant recover time<10ms
Unbalanced load voltage <±5%
Overload protection 125% 1 minute; 150% 1s; 200% 200ms
Efficiency >95%(full load)
Bypass Phase 3 phase +N+G
Nominal voltage 220/380VAC, 230/400VAC, 240/415VAC
Transfer time <1ms(static switch with 0 transfer time)
Protection Input protection Input voltage/frequency over limited; wrong phase; lack phase protection
Output protection Over current; short circuit; factor low protection
Battery protection Over charge; over-discharge protection
Temperature protection Environment over temperature protection; inverter over temperature protection
Hardware failure protection Assistant power abnormal, breaker cut off, breaker overload, power devices over current/over voltage etc. protection
System parameters Working environment Temp: 0~40'C, relative humidity 0~95%
(1% decrease against 100 meters’ rise, altitude 4000 meters Max)
Cooling down method Compulsive ventilation(with temperature control)
Communication interface RS232, RS485; optional SNMP card(for internet long distance monitor)
Redundancy function Tandem hot backup or parallel connection
Anti-surge capacity 10/700μS, 5KV; 8/20μS, 20KA
Protection level IP21
Safety performance Vin-n Vout-n 3000VAC, creepage<3.5mA, insulating resistance>2MΩ(500VDC)
Noise(dB) 40~50 45-55 55~60 60~65 65~70
Dimension(W×D×H)mm 430×750×1080 480×895×1200 980×800×1800 1380×950×1800 1600×1150×1800
Weight(Kg) 200 350 400 480 580 850 920 1200 1300 1520 1830 1980