Solar Invermax

MODEL Solar Invermax 5K-48 Solar Invermax 5K-96  
Input Voltage Waveform Sinusoidal (utility or generator)  
Nominal Input Voltage 230Vac  
Low Line Disconnect 170Vac (Normal)
90Vac (generator/Wide range)
Low Line Re-connect 180Vac (Normal)
100Vac (generator/Wide range)
High Line Disconnect 280Vac  
High Line Re-connect 270Vac  
Max AC Input Voltage 300Vac rms  
Nominal Input Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz  (Auto detection)  
Low Line Frequency Disconnect 40±1Hz  
Low Line Frequency
High Line Frequency Disconnect 65±1Hz  
High Line Frequency Re-connect 63±1Hz  
Output Voltage Waveform As same as Input Waveform  
Output Short Circuit Protection Circuit Breaker 40A  
Efficiency (Line Mode) >95%  
Transfer Switch Rating 40A  
Transfer Time
(AC to DC)
10ms (typical)
20ms (typical)
Transfer Time
(DC to AC)
10ms (typical)
20ms (typical)
Output Voltage Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Rated Output Power(VA) 5000
Power Factor 0.84
Nominal Output Voltage(V)  230Vac
Output Frequency(Hz) 50Hz / 60Hz ± 1Hz
Output Voltage Regulation ±5% rms
Nominal Efficiency >90%
Over-Load Protection fault after 5s@≥150% load, <=200% load,
fault after 10s@110%~150% load,
Surge rating 10000VA
Capable of starting electric motor 2.5HP
Output Short Circuit Protection Current limit (Fault after 4 cycles max)
Bypass Breaker Size 40A
Nominal DC Input Voltage 48V 96V
Min DC start voltage 40V 80V
Low DC Alarm 44Vdc 86Vdc
Low DC Alarm Recovery 45.2Vdc 87.2Vdc
Low DC Shut-down 42Vdc 84Vdc
Low DC Shut-down Recovery 46Vdc 90Vdc
High DC Shut-down 60.0±1.2Vdc 120.0 ±2.4Vdc
High DC Shut-down Recoveryµ 58.0±1.2Vdc 116.0 ±2.4Vdc
Power saver setting 0W (Set “OFF” at LCD)
10±5W enter  5+/-2w leave (Set “ON” at LCD)
Tare loss(nominal) Saver OFF:<50w
Saver ON:<10w
DC component of AC output <100mv
Half wave load detection Yes(when unbalance current>35A)