SU/SP - Online UPS 1/1 and 3/1 Phase

SU1K~20K(Single in and single out)
Capacity(VA/W) 1K/0.8K 2K/1.6K 3K/2.4K 6K/4.8K 10K/8K 15K/12K 20K/16K
Voltage Single phase with two Lines + ground wire ,220V±25%
Battery Voltage 48V 96V/192V 192V
Noise ≤52dB(distance 1m) ≤60dB(distance 1m)
Size: 530×264×592 630×343×725
Weight(Kg) 30 40 45 60 105 130 160
(excluding the battery)
SP6K~60K(Three- ins and single out)
Mode: SP6K SP10K SP15K SP20K SP30K SP40K SP50K SP60K
Capacity(VA/W) 6K/4.8K 10K/8K 15K/12K 20K/16K 30K/24K 40K/32K 50K/40K 60K/48K
Voltage Three phase with four Lines + ground wire,380V±25%
Battery Voltage 192V 336V
Noise ≤60dB(distance 1m) ≤65dB(distance 1m)
Size: 620×343×995 550×600×1135 650×700×1510
Weight(Kg) 130 165 190 210 400 450 530 620
(excluding the battery)
 Common parameters
Input Frequency 50Hz /60Hz ± 10%
Power actor ≥95%
Output Voltage 220V± 0.5%<}0{><0}
Voltage regulation Stable voltage±1%,dynamic oltage±2%,(0-100% load
Frequency stableness 50Hz /60Hz ± 0. 5%
Frequency torsion rate Less than 1Hz / second
Instant load status ± 0.4%(100% instant load fluctuation)
Harmonic distortion For linear load, less than 3%(full load),total rectifying
harmonics is lass than 5%
Overload capacitance 150%
Wave form Sine wave
efficiency Input AC to output AC Above 95%
Transfer time Mains power supply fails or restores 0 second
Turns from UPS to BYPASS Less than 4 ms
Battery type Lead-acid sealed, maintenance-free
Charging time After it is fully charged, it can be filled to 90% of the total
Capacity after it is charged for 8 hours.
Warning sound Battery discharge If the main power fails, it buzzes once every 4 seconds.
If the battery is low, it buzzes once every 1 seconds .
If the battery stops discharging, it buzzes continuously.
In fault tatus Continuously buzzes
  Battery Automatically shuts down the machine when the battery power is
low, it has no fuse switch protection.
Overload After the overload (110~150%) lasts for 10 seconds ,it automatically jumps
to BYPASS. It can automatically restore normal state.
Temperature is too high If the internal temperature of the UPS>85°C, it will
Automatically jump to BYPASS.
Output short circuit Limits Current, automatically shuts down the machine, without
Fuse switch protection.
  UPS is abnormal Automatically jumps to BYPASS mode and starts direct mains power supply.
  Noise Filter<0} 10~10KHz at 40 db; 100KHz~100MHz at 70 db
  LCD display Indicating input and output voltage, frequency; battery voltage and output
power (%);Temperature
  Battery BVL One LED, it glows when the battery voltage is low.
Outside environment Temperature -10~50℃
Relative humidity 0%~93% (No condensation)
Operation condition Lower than 3000 meters above sea level (altitude)